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Show Design

We are your go-to for spectacular entertainment concepts.

We specialize in turning your ideas into expertly designed shows. How can we stay within budget while creating an unforgettable experience? By constantly searching for new materials, innovative layouts, and pushing boundaries. Your audience won't know what hit them!

Step 1


What’s going to happen? Where? And how many people are you expecting at your event? Feel free to bring in themes or requests based on previous editions.

Step 2

 3D modeling

What you’ll see in this phase, we guarantee we can create. For this, we create sturdy and detailed 3D models. Plus, you’ll get a much better idea of the end result. How fun is that!

Step 3

Presentation of visuals

A 3D model is great. But a model still lacks the atmosphere that can make you feel and experience the design. How will it really look like? We’d love to show you in a worked-out visualization.

Step 4

Development of decor objects

What would complete this innovative design? From material choices to artwork, in this phase, it comes to fruition.

Step 5

Show direction

Where do certain songs fit best in the setlist? How do we enhance them with visual effects? For a flawless show and a smooth process, it’s useful to entrust everything to one party.

Do we have to go through all the steps?

Absolutely not! Steps 1 and 2 are just the beginning. Do we stop there? Or is that where the real magic begins? Anything is possible!

“Design is a deeply personal, and often challenging part of the production experience - the team at Blue Paper understand and embrace the creative process in an artful, constructive and efficient way, making the most daunting projects possible.”

Matthew LamosEvent & Talent Production, Twitch Original Content

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