Holland Zingt Hazes

What we did

Medialane's desire was to bring the artists closer to the audience, serving as the foundation for both 2019 and 2020. Drawing inspiration from Amsterdam's winding canals, we laid a long catwalk in the venue. By placing the band, along with a video cylinder, in the center of this catwalk, the focus was truly on the audience. In 2020, we added three Amsterdam-style houses at the end of the catwalk, complete with a surprise show effect, allowing Roxanne Hazes to sing a duet with her father.

“One of the many benefits of working with Sander as a designer is that he is both highly creative and practical. He has the ability to deliver that special "magic" that producers are always searching for, regardless of the budget. At MediaLane, a high-quality appearance is always a top priority, no matter the scale of the production. Sander consistently delivers original and visually stunning proposals within the given parameters.”

Maurice WijnenCreative Director Medialane



Photos: Light at Work - Jorrit Lousberg