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About Blue Paper

There’s only one you. And that deserves to be celebrated.

You are unique. And so is our design.

With so much out there to choose from, we'd rather create an incredible interior or show design that will have your clients or visitors talking for years to come.

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Meet The Team

Our team consists of Sander and Roel, but also a flexible staff pool.

“The pleasant thing about working with Sander as a designer is that he is both very creative and practical at the same time. He can deliver the magic that you as a producer are looking for with both larger and smaller budgets. At MediaLane, a high-quality appearance is always highly valued, no matter how big or small a production is, and Sander always manages to come up with an original and visually beautiful proposal within the given parameters."”

Maurice WijnenCreative Director Medialane
Creative Director, Set Designer


As a creative director and set designer, Sander is dedicated to innovative designs. He is always on the lookout for surprising solutions, materials, and techniques. With a background in theatre design and technology, he has learned to transform the creative visions of directors, choreographers, and producers into unique and feasible designs. He strives to extract the most visual impact possible from the available budget.

Junior Creative


Roel started as a support for creating artworks for backdrops and other set objects. Over time, he also became proficient in creating the 3D designs. With a background in video and a solid foundation in programming, Roel is constantly pushing the limits of the software package. Sander and Roel use this to enhance the visuals and make them as realistic as possible.



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