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Unique Interior Design

Custom Show Design

Unique Interior Design

Custom Show Design

A design that stands out from the crowd

Thanks to one-on-one attention

Blue Paper combines creativity and craftsmanship. 'Always surprise' is our slogan. We like to go just one step further than most. From drawing board to end product, creativity and efficiency go hand in hand. Is there room to adjust this well-oiled machine? Always. We work closely with our clients to ensure the design is flawless, constantly reviewing and refining until it is rock-solid.

What we do

Show Design

At Blue Paper, we inspire our clients with unexpected entertainment concepts. We translate good ideas into an executable show design. We offer a range of design, execution, and directing services, but ultimately you determine when you want us to take the lead, and when you want to take over again. Together, we create a unique experience that visitors won’t soon forget.

Interior Design

What characterizes our interior design is pure creativity. Thanks to our experience with show design, our design concepts are truly different from the rest. Would you like us to build it for you? We would love to. And let’s face it, having everything in one place is always convenient. Another benefit is that we often work under high time pressure, which results in a very efficient way of working.

How we elevate

Design to new heights

You know
what to expect

We understand that you want to know exactly what the end product will look like. That’s why we don’t sketch, but design directly in 3D. This way, you can walk through the design beforehand and get a clear picture of the end result.

Flexible and personal

We don’t start until your request is crystal clear. However, you may gain new insights halfway through. That’s why we are always open to making adjustments. So don’t worry if you’re second guessing the color of a wall, but just give us a call. After all, you have the final say in the end result.

Good enough is not enough

You’ll receive something entirely new from us. We are constantly exploring new materials, techniques, and methods to make your design truly unforgettable. That’s what we call innovation!

Let's make the world more

interesting together

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